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Recommended games for you to play!

Ordnance Survey CrosswordOrdnance Survey Crossword
How well do you know your geographic terms? Find out by filling in this crossword. PLAY>>> 

The Squirrel's NutsThe Squirrel's Nuts
Hangman game, the Squirrel's Nuts! Can you help the Ordnance Survey squirrel keep his acorns for the winter? Simply work out the hidden geography related words, or he loses them. See how many answers you can get right. PLAY>>>

Mystery islandMystery Island
After finding the treasure, Eric's boat got swept away by tides and storms, eventually washing ashore with the boat broken and the treasure nowhere in sight. The mysterious island he's on hs obstacles blocking his way, and the inhabitants seem to speak in strange symbols. Can you help Eric solve the problems and find a way off the island? PLAY>>>

Treasure huntTreasure Hunt
Eric's found notes in his grandad's diary about rumours of buried treasure, along with a map of some nearby islnds and a clue on a scrap of paper. But other treasure hunters have now heard the rumours, and a high tide's due to cover most of the area, so time's running out! PLAY>>>

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